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Do you have health problems? Do you suffer from overweight, joint pain or skin problems? Do you sleep poorly, have migraines or a burnout? Or are you always tired? If you've tried everything else, but nothing helps? Consider an orthomolecular therapist.

I hear you thinking, 'an orthomolecular therapist, what is that again?' It sounds heavy but it is less complicated than you think. Health problems are often the result of an improper nutrition. An orthomolecular therapist helps you to regain your health or improve it by indicating which nutrition your body needs to function properly again.

What is the result of my therapy?

  • Your health comes back or improves
  • You are brought out of your 'vicious circle'
  • You have reached your ideal weight
  • You are going to perform better
  • You are more satisfied with your life  

Can I help you to become healthier? Please just contact me.

Ans Hendriks, CareOké.

CareOké Orthomolecular Therapy
Holterberglaan 2a
5628 DD Eindhoven
06 - 418 05 017

If you are in Spain, call Altea (Alicante) 677 777 376

CareOké works as orthomolecular therapist in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) and Altea (Alicante, Spain).

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